“See You the Summit is giving her motivation and a self esteem booster like I have never seen from any event, activity or specific person. You are her rock!!! Thank you so much for what you are doing for her, the other campers, and our family." ~ email from a parent this week

Volunteer Training

Thank you for joining the team and thank you for making this adventure possible!

The outcomes we are trying to achieve, with this program, require that we create a particular ecosystem among our crew and teenage participants. How our leadership acts will set the tone for the program. Our goal is to strive for allowing the teens control and a neutral space to have their own experience. As a facilitator It takes a conscious effort to shift from giving directions and answers to being a neutral observer who primarily asks questions.

My goal with this brief training is bring you to an introspective place and help you tap into your inner facilitator.

As a facilitator we have guiding principles. The first, “Know Thy Self.” As we understand ourself better we are less likely to interject our agenda and unconscious bias on to the participants. Number two is, “Don’t ask a participant to do something you have not already done or are not willing to do.” Wilderness therapy invites participants into vulnerability, courage, fear, anger, sadness challenge, hope, possibility, awareness… We facilitate emotional agility- we have to know and be comfortable with our own emotional landscape.

Their trip to the wilderness is not to escape their experience with cancer. But rather to turn towards it, to be curious about it and to integrate it. So I invite you to turn towards your own experience- to be curious about it and see what unfolds.

Please join me in some emotional agility…