We want to change the quality of life and outcomes of adolescents diagnosed with cancer, using immediate interventions and advocacy supported by long term research. Here’s how:

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See You at the Summit uses wilderness therapy to help teenagers facing a cancer diagnosis reclaim their lives and personal sense of power. On medically supported wilderness experiences, teenagers connect to peers living the same challenges, cultivate resiliency, and immerse themselves in the healing power of nature. 

Where other adventure programs require participants be 18 years old and in survivorship, See You at the Summit focuses on adolescents 13-18 years old with cancer, during a delicate stage of their psychosocial development.

Our curriculum was developed specifically for teenagers, using the most current research and guidance from renowned professionals in the field. The combination of immersing in nature, connecting with other teenagers, and summiting a wilderness challenge encourages a therapeutic transformation in how adolescents view themselves, their illness, and their future.

Our work fills a gap in age-appropriate programming at the time of crisis.


AT SEE YOU AT THE SUMMIT everything we do is focused on empowering teenagers affected by cancer. Our facilitated programs, our team, and our research are devoted to improving these young people’s lives during and after a cancer diagnosis.

What we do differently…


“In addition, it has been established that greater perceived control over one’s life and the course of illness improves quality of life outcomes in the adolescent population.”

  •   Participants can still be in treatment

  •   Our focus is exclusively on teenagers

  •   Our programming is crafted to their developmental needs

  •   We use the latest research

  •   Our facilitators are seasoned experts

  •   We know teens often want to participate… but may still need help showing up 

  •   We build relationships so we can change lives  

  •   Our medically supported trips are 100% free

"When they accomplished the summit, they realized they WERE capable, and this realization enabled them to recognize their inner strengths and to develop sense of personal empowerment."

~ Adventure therapy for adolescents with cancer.

Stevens, B. et al. 2004

Thanks to amazing funders like you and support from these brands we offer this program free to teenagers.

Join us in making a difference in their lives.

See You at the Summit is sponsored by the YWCA, a 501c3. Your donations are tax-deductible.



Applications for 2020 Summer Summit will open as soon as we raise secure funding!

This adventure will allow young people at the end of their cancer treatment or newly into survivorship to have an outstanding experience in nature, in a context adapted to their needs.


On our expeditions all equipment and support are completely free of charge.

On our expeditions all equipment and support are completely free of charge.