Join us Saturday October 5th at 6:00pm

for a night of celebration at the Wilcox mansion!

We have done something amazing and we want to celebrate and do it again!

This is not your normal fundraiser! Come for the fun, enjoy the food and stay for the prizes! When your team of two arrives you’ll get tasting glasses and a score sheet. Yep, this night is about teamwork, you’ll need a partner in crime! Throughout the venue you and your teammate will find many ways to win points. Participation in all the hoopla is optional, but the more you play the more you earn, and the higher you’ll rise on the leaderboard!

Challenge Your Senses


In the taste testing room you’ll find delicacies chosen from our sponsors. They will challenge your senses and perplex your palate.

Our work is about challenge…

See You at the Summit is an experiential program for teenagers being treated for cancer. We’d like to introduce you to some of what we do in a fun, lighthearted way. So come, enjoy the tasting room. Guess your wine, cheese, and chocolates correctly, then go on to test your wit and skill.

Test Your Wit


“Strange things are afoot at the circle k”
— Name that movie line?

How is your Portland Trivia? Try and pin the hiker on the summit! Can you recall 30 words in 15 seconds or get your teammate to guess your Pictionary masterpiece before the time runs out?

Our work is about experiencing…

Our teenagers miss out on life experiences due to their illness. We help them catch up! Our program reduces their isolation, fosters valuable independence, teaches resiliency skills, and gives them proof they are capable.

Intrigue Your Mind


As you tour the mansion you will find the biggest point opportunities upstairs. Here you will have a chance to engage in See You at the Summit’s unique curriculum.  


We do more than hang out in the woods and climb mountains. The evidence-based 8-day curriculum is derived from the latest research and focuses on empowering teens using life-changing resources to improve their quality of life and survivorship outcomes. (We’ll let you in on a secret… it works for adults too!)

At the end of the night the team with the most points will pick first from the list of prizes!

50 pre-points earned if you purchase before September 10!


VIP: 2 Tickets with parking and wine



Team Tickets: 2 tickets


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Single ticket


Saturday October 5th 2019 we will seed the second summit. Join us!